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Ukrstone – natural stone decoration materials

Ukrstone Company is an expert in natural stone products. Due to the up-to-date machinery and great production facilities the company produces natural stone materials for high quality and long service life attractive decorations. Every month the factory turn out more than 1000 square meters of output goods:paving blocks, flagstones etc.

Ukrstone production:

  • Slabs –30 х 3200 х 1250 mm, non-bordered, grinded surface, heat treatment or polish.
  • Decorative tile - 15 mm and more thick, various surface textures (polished, grinded, rough), heat treatment. Diagonal size –300 х 600 mm with possible up to 1 mm deviation from the norm.
  • Cube, sawed and chopped-sawn pavement
  • Countertops, windowsills, steps, curb floor tiles etc.
  • Covering tiles with chamferof different shapes
  • Custom-madeitems of complex shape.
  • Flowerpots, pedestals, monuments and statues of any type and size.

Company has all the necessary for the natural stone treatment machinery:

  1. Saw for stone, slab and block 1 to 5 cubic metervolume treatment The saw produced by Polish company «Promasz» presupposes no more than 1, 5 mm diagonal deviation from norm.
  2. Two-support machine, produced by Polish company «Promasz». This modern, multifunctional machinery with programmed control for sawing natural granite, marble and other stones and for rectilinear cutting of slabs to flat tiles etc.Cutting head of machine can move along two planes, and that allows it to change tilting of cutter about slab surface. It is used both as stand-alone unit and as the element of the system.
  3. One- and two-support machines d 1200 – 1800 mm produced in China are operated mechanically, electronically and pneumatically. They are used for granite processing.
  4. 8-saw machines produced in China. Portal machine are used for cutting stone blocks to tiles, arches, pedestals etc. The result of semi-automatic grinding and polishing machines AS-01 designed for natural stone (marble, granite, basalt, quartzite etc.) refinement use is an even shine of the processed surface. But for all that expenses are minimal, that allows gaining high productivity and best quality of the output.
  5. Splitting machines used for the production of "Rock" tile and paving stone.

All decorating products are presented both standard-sized and custom-sized. The distinguishing features of our products are ideal shape and strict accordance with the assigned size. Moreover they are absolutely ecologically safe and can be used in- or outside any building.

Ready products are packed into polypropylene thickened big-bags, pile up in pallets, boxes or sold unpacked (according to client’s wishes). Lading service is free of charge; we provide delivery service to any city in Ukraine or neighboring countries for extra charge. The Company has a rich experience of product export.

Many consumers prefer buying products for unique landscape design of their country estates, mansions, cottages etc. Ukrstone specialists are ready not only to deliver the products but also to assemble stone articles.

Ukrstone members care for the prosperity of their partner companies, for their income increase and expenses reduction. Their principles justly are fair partnership, quality guarantee, maintenance of delivery terms, low prices and individual approach.

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