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Ukrstone – natural stone for you

Ukrstone Company produces decorating materials and other articles for detached houses, cottages and crofts of natural stone, such as granite, labradorite etc.

Stone manufacturing plant, equipped due to the latest technological word, produces natural stone items of the highest quality for long service and real esthetic pleasure of natural beauty.

Stone manufacturing plant specializes in production of facade tiles, paving stones, slabs, countertops, steps, windowsills, borders, pedestals, monuments etc. We supply products of standard dimension and according to individual project. Strict accordance with the assigned size is the most distinguishing feature of our products.

Product packaging is well thought over for consumers’ conveniences. Free of charge lading service is provided by the company. For extra charge stone products will be delivered and mounted.

Fair treaty implementation and high quality of products are the main principles of our work.

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